Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

This is my personal blog and a space that I try to make sense of my wandering life. Depending on the day it could be a helpful resource for the country I'm in, or a self-help guide. We'll just have to see ;)

Bumblin’ part 2: Where I need to be

After reading my original post from a year ago about where I was in life, then another – bit darker one about my immediate readjustment to coming home…I figured it was time for another update on this brunette’s bumbling…

It’s been a little over a year since I graduated from the University of Kentucky and it feels almost that long since I’ve sat down to write a post, but that is a reflection of my life lately. It’s been on overdrive – just the way I like it.

Coming home was a culture shock, it always is. But this time there was something distinctly different; this time I didn’t have to. I didn’t have school or a job or a house. I also didn’t have money.

Six months later, almost to the day, here I am sitting in a luxury apartment I found on craigslist in Lexington, Kentucky. That contrast – of luxury discovered in the sketchiest way possible (a sublet from a well-intentioned electronics and paper hoarder) – is symbolic of how I’ve been operating since my return. From finding my roommate at a local entrepreneurship meet-up to working for a zip line canopy tour start-up, life has been nothing but busy and unpredictable. It’s a stark contrast from the sometimes-unbearably slow lifestyle I lived in Patagonia.

So here I am, bumbling again but on my home turf. In the past months I have learned more than I thought possible in this short amount of time. I have known what it is to love and be loved, and how to accept certain circumstances maturely. I have learned that sometimes the best people come into your life at the worst time, and sometimes the worst people enter at the best times. I’ve learned that growth can stem equally from both. I’ve learned that even the deepest sense of wanderlust can be curbed by comforts like great air conditioning, a 24-hour gym or the perfect little black dress. I hope that I simply haven’t wandered far enough to find those elsewhere. I’ve learned that beyond my yearning to be in nature is a secret geek hiding behind a big Mac computer, and that I can type a lot faster when I know the work I am doing is for a great cause. I’ve learned what it means to be passionate about a vision; that the true test of love for something is how long you can stick with it when all the glamour is gone. I’ve learned that some people will never “get” that.

I’ve learned that people change and time is precious. That “just 5 months in Patagonia” translates into lots of missed weddings, events and peers getting real jobs, cars that run, and suddenly using MCAT and GRE vocabulary on brunch dates. I’ve learned that we’re all as unsure of what’s next as the next person, and the absolute wisdom in the saying “fake it till you make it.” I’ve learned about so many peoples dreams and goals, and I’ve seen people I know making real tangible change in the world. I’ve learned that opportunity is literally limitless, and that I am blessed to have it.

To say that these past few months have been life-changing would be an understatement. From profound realizations and self-discovery to understanding the pure joy that a beer, BBQ and a good fire can provide – I have realized that even though I have no idea where I’m headed, (for now) I’m where I need to be.

Coming from the beauty of Patagonia to Lexington is hard, but the transition is a
lot easier when this is what my 9-5 looks like…

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This entry was posted on August 21, 2013 by in Travel reflections.
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